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Every new patient undergoes a complete medical registration. This not only includes an overall analysis of your medical & surgical history, but also a complete vascular & neurological check. This has been a very important part of our assessment as we have found several patients that required referrals for further in-depth analysis. Once this part of our registration is complete, we then proceed to treat your main issue & then advice you on what is required for good foot health in the future.

This is difficult to state, as different treatments take a varying amount of time. For some patients, including the medical registration might only take 40mins, some take well over an hour. With new patients, we do not stop halfway through treatment & say you had your allotted time. We will endeavour to finish the required treatment. Once we know your feet, we may then discuss a more tailored plan for you

No need to be ashamed or embarrassed, we see so many feet, in all shapes & sizes. Trust us, there is nothing that we haven’t seen before!

Podiatry procedures do involve very sharp equipment; however, we are trained professionals with hours upon hours of practice. If there is a situation where you do not want us to use a certain tool, please tell us, and we will try & find a different method to solve the issue.

In most cases, you won't even know you are being treated & feel great once finished! There are some treatments that will involve more invasive procedures, such as verruca acid treatments, but this is all discussed beforehand so you are well informed & can make the decision of whether to proceed or not

Yes, we welcome patients who book in on a regular basis. Depending on your foot health needs, we have some patients we see every few weeks, to some we see every 3 months. It all depends on the individual. Those who book in, are our priority & will be seen on the day/time arranged (unless unforeseen circumstances occur)

We all live very busy lives, and unexpected circumstances can occur. All we ask if that you contact us as soon as possible so we can rearrange the appointment and give a chance for other patients to get treated as we do have a waiting list.

There have been circumstances where patients have missed their appointment due to unforeseen circumstances. These things can happen. We do not penalise patients who miss their appointment 1st time. However, if it’s a regular occurrence, we ask those patients to contact us when our services are required, rather than book in advance.

Our orthotics are bespoke modified devices which are made by us after analysing your feet during our musculoskeletal examination & diagnosing your issue. We do not cast feet, as this is time consuming, and will invariably raise the costs of the orthotics. And we certainly do not outsource & send your casts to a workshop for them to be manufactured. Our orthotics are tailored for you & will reduce the stress in the area & start your recovery process. There will be the rare occasion, due to your foot architecture, that our orthotics will not be suitable. In these cases, we will refer you to a colleague who does casted orthotics.

Our cushioning orthotics are handmade simple devices that provide a large amount of cushioning & support. Unlike cushioning orthotics that you can buy on the high street, our orthotics contain Poron foam which is a microcellular urethane that has high compression set resistance and a high degree of energy absorption. This will distinguish any discomfort from corns that you may have for example. Our cushioning orthotics have been so popular, our patient come back & request further pairs!

Our thermal inlays contain a material called plastazote, which is known for its good thermal properties throughout medical literature. It is also Latex-free, non-toxic & hypoallergenic whilst discouraging bacterial growth which is a win-win when being used in footwear. We usually incorporate a layer of Poron into the inlay to add extra cushioning benefits.

Usually with verruca’s, we utilise our 1st line of treatment of silver nitrate. In some cases, the verruca is stubborn & well established in the epidermal-dermal junction. For this, we would then proceed with an acidic treatment (combination of salicylic acid & monochloroacetic crystals) which involves 4 appointments.

1st appointment is to apply the treatment, 2nd appointment is to remove the solution the day after. 3rd appointment in usually 1 week later to remove all the dead scar tissue & 4th appointment is to ensure the area is healing.

There are situations where the acid treatment is unsuccessful, or due to your medical history or location of the verruca, we will not proceed with the acid treatment. In these situations, we will refer you to laser treatment with a colleague.

The actual nail surgery is performed under local anaesthetic, so during the procedure you won’t feel anything. The hard part is the administering of local anaesthetic into the toe, simply because it’s a few millilitres of solution being injected into a tight tissue space.

Firstly, you must have arranged your journey home, as your car insurance is not valid due to the administration of Local Anaesthetic. Please bring sliders/sandals to wear after surgery as the 1st dressing is very bulky & you won’t be able to wear normal footwear. Ideally, we would like you to rest at home for a few days post-surgery until you have your 1st dressing change. Once you had your 1st dressing change, the dressings are much thinner & you can then wear normal footwear & carry on with your normal work/leisure activities.

We recommend you do dressing changes 2 * weekly, you must keep the dressings on & dry at all times. (Air drying is a myth!!). During the dressing change, have a 2–3-minute salt bath (separate salt baths if nail surgery has been done on each foot), dab softly dry with a clean towel & then apply the primary dressing and the covering plaster provided.

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